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DNS2Go with VNC Remote Control

Remote Control

Remote Control applications allow you to remotely access and "take over" a computer from any location on the Internet. Once you've connected to a computer via remote control, it is as if you are on that computer, able to view and utilize the same resources that you would locally.

Remote Control is most often used to support a remote location or resolve an issue. As opposed to having to travel to the location that requires assistance or explain over the phone how to resolve a problem, simply access the computer over the Internet from any distance and resolve the issue yourself.

Other uses for Remote Control include: monitoring servers or critical applications (e.g., web servers, email servers, etc.) and resolving issues without having to be in front of the server, allowing road warriors access to their office workstations or necessary company resources, and the list goes on and onů

Dynamic DNS

If you have a Dynamic IP address, you are hard to find. When attempting to use Remote Control Software, you need to connect to either an IP address or a domain name to establish communication with. If you don't have a static IP address, you must constantly provide an updated IP address to the person who is attempting to connect via Remote Control, and maintain your separate Remote Control application.

The Perfect Marriage

The DNS2Go installation includes VNC Remote Control software. VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a fully functional Remote Control software application that is easy to setup and use, but includes a feature set that rivals Remote Control competitors and supports nearly any type of usage scenario.

Using DNS2Go and VNC, you can remotely connect to your computer from any where on the Internet, regardless of how often your IP address changes. The person connecting to you only needs access to a web browser to Remotely Control your computer by your domain name. Or, there is an optional VNC Viewer client application that will also allow the person connecting to you Remote Access.

VNC is included at no additional charge with DNS2Go, providing an inexpensive, effective, easy to use solution for people who require remote access and have a dynamic IP address.

Getting Started with DNS2Go is Simple

  1. Sign-up for your DNS2Go Domain Name.
  2. Download and install the DNS2Go client.
  3. Inform the person who is connecting for Remote Control what your Domain Name is.

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